Vaccine Cabinet

Vaccine cabinets in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and laboratories; are medical cabinets that safely store cold chain products such as drugs, vaccines and medical products.

What is the Vaccine Cabinet Tracking System?

It is software that provides remote monitoring and control of vaccine cabinets.

Vaccine Cabinet Tracking System

Vaccine cabinet tracking system is a project for remote monitoring of vaccine cabinets.

It sends instant notifications to the user in critical situations in the cabinets (temperature rises above or below the normal level, the door remains open, etc.).




Cabinets can be added individually or in more than one.

Temperature, connection, power and door conditions of the relevant cabinet can be monitored instantly.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs of the cabinets and reports can be created according to the desired date range.

In cases that are critical for the cabinet, a warning is sent to the user.

System updates and configurations can be done from a single screen.

In case of any problem, you can easily contact the support team by messaging.